Aardenburg Alpha XL 3000 Kubota M135 GX

About Us

Our Mission 
At Aardenburg Machinery BV we constantly strive for the highest quality implements for agriculture and green maintenance. We design our implements for a long product life cycle, with the aim of offering you a great and productive experience.
State of the art technology
The Aardenburg design team has the high-tech tools and years of experience to make resilient and durable implements. 
We have the latest 3D design and testing software which is also used in the automotive industry, to stress-test the machines in virtual reality, before building prototypes. After an intensive test period in the design centre the prototypes are tested in the field by us and selected customers.
Only when all quality requirements are met, does Aardenburg machinery bring products to the market.

Rotor Shaft balancing
All rotor shafts are made from seamless thick-walled tubular steel. Hammer mounts and tine flanges are welded meticulously according to a welding plan to prevent warping.  Without exception, all rotor shafts are electronically balanced at high speeds to guarantee vibration and stress-free operation. 

The gearbox is a key component for every Aardenburg Machinery implement. 
Choosing the right gearbox is an important and responsible task and we don’t think about it lightly. 

Without exception, Aardenburg Machinery opts for high-quality gearboxes made in nodular cast-iron from reputable suppliers such as COMER.


SKF makes some of the world’s best and hard-wearing bearings. 
At Aardenburg Machinery, we do not compromise and only use SKF bearings to ensure that you never have to worry about downtime due to broken or worn bearings. 


Material strength
Finding the balance between material strength and weight is a large KPI (Key Performance Index) for the design team at Aardenburg Machinery. 
- Too low strength and the tool is not durable and resistant to abuse
- Too high and the tool will be too heavy to be operated by the targeted tractor group
Virtual reality stress tests and rigorous outdoor tests are therefore an integral part of our design process. 


Powder coating
Aardenburg Machinery implements are made from high-quality steel. By blasting, thorough degreasing and electrostatic powder coating we guarantee a durable machine with a hard-decorative layer that also offers excellent rust protection.

Grizzly Hammers
Our procurement department takes great care in buying the best hammers, knives and tines from trusted suppliers, so that you can enjoy many seasons of use from these hard-wearing tools. 
They go one step further for the Aardenburg Grizzly series. 
Extra strong, extra hard, cold forged hammers for the most challenging jobs. 

Quality control 
Aardenburg implements are built to high standards. All production steps are monitored and our team checks incoming materials and parts to guarantee the promised high reliability and quality of our implements.
Before leaving to our customers all machines will go through a final check to meet the requirements and standards Aardenburg Machinery stands for!